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© Peter Lomas 2007

Contents of The Buxton Hydro (Spa Hotel) - The Story of the Spa Town’s best known Hydropathic between 1866 and 1974.


Chapter 1                     The Reverend James Shore

Chapter 2                     Shore’s Imprisonment

Chapter 3                     Totnes -The Later Years

Chapter 4                     Derbyshire Beckons

Chapter 5                     The Death of James Shore

Chapter 6                     The Young H R P

Chapter 7                     Development of the Hydro from 1866-1898

Chapter 8                     The Year of floatation to Requisition – 1899 to 1917

Chapter 9                     Occupation by the Granville Canadian Special Hospital

Chapter 10                   Decline of the Hydro

Chapter 11                   From hydro to hotel

Chapter 12                   Hydropathic Ideals

Chapter 13                   Publicity and marketing of the Hydro

Chapter 14                   Entertainment at the Hydro

Chapter 15                   Staff

Chapter 16                   Some Individual Members of Staff

Chapter 17                   Permanent Residents and Notable Visitors

Chapter 18                   HRP

Chapter 19                   The Final Years


Appendix 1                  James Shore, Martyr or Agitator?

Appendix 2                  Diary of H R P

Appendix 3                  Skating on Wheels

Appendix 4                  Examples of Treatments at Hydros

Appendix 5                  Family Tree


300 pages and 135 black and white photographs.